Our Story

Our story begins with a doodle named Bambi. He was taken home one sunny afternoon on September 1st of 2020. His new family fell in love with him instantly and his mommy couldn’t be happier, as she had been keeping him a secret for many months. 
Bambi’s mommy loved documenting his life and started sharing it on instagram. She soon fell in love with the community and found herself spending more time on Bambi’s instagram than her own. She loved styling him and Bambi loved modeling since he was being paid in treats. The thought of making their own accessories crossed her mind and told her sister about it. They both talked about it for a while but thought that it wasn’t the right time. Unfortunately, they moved on and said nothing more about the topic. However, both Margarita and her sister, Natalia, kept dreaming about it. 
A few months passed and both sisters began talking about starting their own business once again. This time they came up with a name. After that, everything else started falling into place. Margarita would be in charge of social media, photography and editing while Natalia would sew the accessories of their dreams. Let’s not forget the CEO and model, Bambi, who would be in charge of monitoring everything. 
Our Woof story and Co. story is just beginning, we are currently living happily chasing our dreams and we love that you are here because you are now part of our story and we are so thankful for you.